Poe Poe

From the soon to be released album School Of Fish. Produced by The Nothing (Matt Fish). Rhymes by Mike Fish

Grow A Pair Grow A Pair
Featuring The Abacus, Mike Fish and Lord Cromwell, Grow A Pair is a song about drinking, camaraderie and the reward and consequence of having too much fun.
Moments Lost Moments Lost
This Track Features Mike Fish and Skinny Man. A revelation of one’s own personal story to date. This track has a slick wordplay and melodic hook.
Apply Pressure Apply Pressure
This track features Bankh (from The Masters), Skinny Man, The Abacus, and Mike Fish. It has a raw vibe and was recorded in a cockroach and rat infested kitchen studio in East Oakland. All lyrics were written and recorded on the spot while the beat was being chopped and looped for a true depiction of how each artist felt at that time. The topic is general life and skill flexing.

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