Mike Fish is a fresh dose of MC, entrepreneur, producer, recording artist and founder of Mindscape Productions. Originally from Southern California, Fish moved with his family, when he was a child, to Bend, OR; where his already triggered hunger for hip hop became more ravenous.

In this secluded environment, a crew naturally formed with other like minded MCs, in which his style ripened wits sharpened and dedication snow balled until he weened from the wing of his underground Bend, OR culture. After years of making raw hip hop tracks, flawless freestyles, living and touring up and down the west coast, Fish finally swam to The East Bay to lay his eggs in Oakland, CA. 

After four albums from Mindscape Productions, the latest one being Karen Less, The Good News, and a “beat jacks” mix tape, Mike Fish has teamed up with beat producer “The Nothing” (Matt Fish) to form a new project: School Of Fish. The Nothing, with his deep, mood complimenting beats and Mike Fish with his warm, state of mind enhancing flow, this album is definitely be one for the collection. 

“Mindscape 2013. Brace yourself!”

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