Karen Less, The Good News

Karen Less, The Good News

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Dear Me

  “I just listened to that Karen Less album! Wow! That shit is like if Biggie and Lil Kim had a love child and that child was raised by Queen Latifa in Oakland and hung out with her crazy aunts Lady Of Rage and Da Brat all day! Production is on that boom bap ‘ish with lots of surprises sprinkled in! Song 5 and 11 were some standouts! Nice work you two! Wait till the fucking world hears this shit! Brace yo self!!!”

  DJ Sorski

“It’s solid–soulful. I listened to it probably about ten times straight through. None of that skippin around. It put tears of joy in my eyeballs and a smile on my kisser to hear another rapper bringing back generous positivity.” “The heartfelt, workin-hard, truth-talkin mentality comes through beautifully.” “The youthful knowledge Karen’s coming with resonates too. It’s good to be reminded of some deep and simple things now and then.” “The Good News should bump the earth back on its axis and screw some heads on backwards to set these suckers straight.”

  Michael Roberts


Album now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon mp3, Google Play, and more!


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